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Shoulder stand or Sarvangasana pose - Mother of all poses

Sarvangasana pose, known to us by the day to day popular name as - candle-pose, but even more than that Sarvangasana pose considered THE 'queen of poses' and not just because... As free translation Serwangasana's name - it is beneficial to all body organs (serva = all, anga = body organs, and together - " Whole-body ").

But despite all of its benefits, not everyone knows how to get in or out of this pose correctly and safely, so I have brought some important key to success to do the pose in a safe and correct way 

Before you lift your legs up in the air, it is highly important to make sure that we "roll" our shoulders back, and that the shoulder blades are "inserted" in, so that the elbows are close to the body line, and the weight does shift to the shoulder belt rather than to the compression of the neck.

Head and neck should be in the center of your body, do not look sideways!

It is best to keep your feet tight to maintain the pelvic correct position.

Shoulder stand Candle pose


Benefits #1

As inversion yoga posture, it contributes to balancing the systems in our body - also flowing plenty of blood into the higher areas of the body, and also helps remove faster of toxic from the body for better blood flow in our veins.


Benefits #2

The pressure point that created in the throat socket area is particularly helpful for balancing the thyroid gland. The gland that promotes growth and development of the body's systems. Maintaining the gland balance Can prevent premature aging of the body, and problems of underweight or overweight. In addition, the pressure of the chin on the throat in this posture encourages increased blood flow to the area, which helps to strengthen the immune system against diseases of the throat and respiratory tract.


Benefits #3

Automatically is created in the jalandhara bhandha position - the lock of the laryngeal energy lock - a lock that helps regulate a cardiac and respiratory activity.


Benefits #4

In proper work on this posture, the shoulder strap muscles are compressed, in a way that the cervical vertebrae move away from each other and the back muscles stretch. Thus, tension is released from the nape area and allows for better nerve passage in the nerves between the neck and brain.


Benefits #5

Spiritually - The pressure on the throat directs the concentration to the throat chakra, which is responsible for our communication with the environment and balances the desire and need for our communication with the outside world.


Want to learn some more? Read here for better results 

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